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Brian in the trunk...? 1967 UK-only Beatles pop-up book

I found it necessary to disavail the daughter of her laptop for this. Behold! She seethes. She threatens. She pouts. She's a typical teenager, LOL.
*christine flinches at the sounds of many young flisters in their teens defriending the eppylover*

For anyone who is still reading this: If any of you have the facilities ($) and are compelled (want!) to buy this book, pleeeze tell me WTF they meant by " Brian Epstein actually in the trunk?"

Beatles- Musical Pop Up Book

Unbelievable that I've never heard of this, seeing as it's a NEMS original.
It's being sold by a fella in Florida, so none of this overseas stuff to mess around with. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

This is the description as listed in eBay:

"Once released only in England, till a lad went to visit England and came across this book and a light bulb came on above his head. He still did not know what the light bulb was doing and walked away and the light bulb stayed behind. So, he walked back and looked at the light bulb and then it came to him ~ bring it back to America and they will come and buy it.

This is a fantastic piece, with interactive wheels, doors, pull tabs...
Starts with the Beatles at the Cavern with Pete Best, pull a tab and Pete is easily replaced by Ringo.

Next comes the Beatles to the USA, driving a car with Ed Sullivan sitting next to the driver ~ and is Brian Epstein actually in the trunk?

Following this artistic pop-up is the Beatles in Buckingham Palace receiving the MBE and signing albums for teh Royalty. John being John cannot behave, and is trying to secretly pass Paul a joint.

The next page is the Magical Mystery Tour. Just about everyone is there. (Eppylover Note: Gee whiz and oy vey. Three guesses who is missing. guh.)

Won't spoil the surprise of the interactive tabs on these two pages, and trust me, you just got a tease on the other pages I already mentioned.

The last two pages is the Beatles up on the roof- their last appearance together back in 1969.

Book measures 8.5 x 12. Book was published in 1985 (I thought he said 1967???) copyright by Brown Wells and Jacobs Limited, London. Book needs new battery for the music. If you know a John Lennon fanatic like myself then this is the perfect gift that will keep on giving through the ages and it will keep on increasing in value as well. Don't ask, for I do not know. (I assume he means about the value)

I somehow came up missing one record. However, it is the folio that is fantastic as you can see in the first picture, so take advantage of the low, low price for a collectible 1967 NEMS."
Hmm. Well, I dunno where Stephy found the AK-47. For those who don't already know, we do live across the street from the city cemetery. How convenient for her. LOL

That's my lame way of saying I'd better sign off now! XD

Tags: beatles, books, brian epstein, ebay-craigslist-et al

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