christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shabbat Shmooze ~ A Jewish Christmas?

Oops, once again we are late for shabbos ~

~ for those of you who actually look forward to my shmoozifications ~ ? ~

I realize Hanukkah ended more than a week ago, but today's shmooze being so close to the Xian holiday, I thought these submissions would be more appropriate now.

First and BEST, a real treasure I discovered in different forms, in two different blogs ~ a 1967 comedy album called Have A Jewish Christmas? (note the question mark!)

The version I prefer ~ because the blog's author intermixed the comedy routines on the original LP with many fantastic Jewish/Xmas SONGS ~ is on a blog called "Hellbound Alleee" ...
To download this one, you don't use a download-type of website. Just go to A Jewish Christmas.
Simply scroll down to "Download Already" to get it, by right-clicking and choosing "Save Target As".
I also found you can simply listen to it by left-clicking "Download Already" and it opens up in your computer's media player.

Now for the second version ~ to grab the original comedy LP (minus all the newer music added to the version above) you go to the blog that gives you the Mediafire link ~ also, on that blog you can read all the awesome LP liner notes and comments ~ and even see photos of the wonderful people involved in this record (brought back some 60's memories!!!) ~
~ go to and use their Download link.

The next treat is a vid at ~
he seems to be some anonymous (hint: face never revealed) Jewish fella, avec la guitare, extolling the virtues of the relatively newly-invented pseudo-holiday. Tres amusant.
(I dunno why I'm lapsing into little French phrases, but ~ aw heck ~ Joyeux Noël, mes amis!

Lastly, enjoy comedian/rapper Eric Schwartz
giving us The Hanukkah Bird!

Eppy Xmukkah!  
Tags: audio, holidays, videos

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