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Another Beatle Movie To Come ~ titled "Get Back" ~ from Tom Hanks Productions?

Hmmm. This is a pretty elaborate setup to be a spoof website, but it IS a very new site (first post made November 2007). Sure does LOOK legit.

If it's for real, I'd say the concept of another movie revolving around rabid Beatlemaniacs is very Tom Hanks, isn't it? Seems as if it's set in the present day, too. Second or third-generation fans? Helloooo young flisters! Hahaa.

I wonder who they'll cast as Brian.
I mean IF.   ~ But, I mean, how could they omit him?! Remember That Thing You Do..?

I also wonder if they will be honest enough to show how John and Brian used to mock Yoko in private behind her back. After all, she was making a right pest out of herself, and nothing was sacred to John (and Brian, out of the public eye).

Of course you know, after Eppy was good enough to help her out and book her at the Saville, she freaked him out by performing "Cut Piece" ~ knowing full well that his ass was already on the line for plays performed there which had (what some thought were) questionable themes, and he was attempting to cool things down.

Anyway ~ hopefully this movie will serve as a nice complement to our upcoming The Fifth Beatle Movie, slated to start filming in early 2008 and premiering in Liverpool at the end of the year.

Another movie being planned, by George Clooney, will be on Alma Cogan. She was known as "The Girl With The Laugh In Her Voice" ~ very, very popular in the UK ~ and bosom buddies (so to speak) with our Brian ~ to the point where he introduced her to his parents, and many (including, as he wrote, Bill Harry) were just waiting for the wedding announcement. Unfortunately, she died of ovarian cancer in October of 1966, just two months after the Boys' final tour ended ~

For your pleasure, Here's a small sample of classic Alma Cogan ~ although much more and groovier Almalicious stuff is found at

Oh great. Now poor Australia is gonna be the victim of that insipid so-called "documentary" The Beatles' Biggest Secrets

The Beatles' Biggest Secrets
Greg Hassall, reviewer
December 13, 2007

The issue here is not disrespect or exploitation, it's tedium.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll? Perish the thought.

Channel~ABC // Date~Thurs Dec 13 // Time~9:30PM

Shame, ABC, shame. This appalling doco has blighted the pay TV schedule for a while and it's sad to see it pop up here, even at this time of year. Warning bells should sound the second the background music kicks in - nondescript, generic early rock. OK, it obviously costs a lot to license Beatles' music but a Beatles documentary without their music is pointless.

It's all downhill from there. We hear about the drugs, the sex, the supposed gay encounter between John Lennon and manager Brian Epstein, the rivalry, the fights. Ho-hum.

The issue here is not disrespect or exploitation, it's tedium. Anyone with a passing interest in the Beatles knows the role drugs and sex played in their lives. They cut their teeth in Hamburg's red light district, for God's sake. And no break-up in rock history has been so tediously dissected.

If the claims made in this documentary were levelled at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir there might be a story. But getting excited about the Beatles gorging on drugs and sleeping around? Give me a break.

Copyright © 2007. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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