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Call for statue for 'fifth Beatle' Brian Epstein
Dec 11, 2007

VETERAN entertainer Tommy Steele has called for Liverpool to erect a memorial to Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Steele sculpted the bronze statue of Eleanor Rigby in Stanley Street, the city’s first tribute to the achievements of the Fab Four, in 1982.

Since then the city has seen a series of other Beatles statues go up.

But Steele - real name Tommy Hicks - said the city council should consider creating a fitting official tribute to Brian Epstein, who died 40 years ago at the height of Beatlemania.

Mercurial Epstein was the businessman who helped launch The Beatles to international fame in the 1960s after hearing them play at the Cavern Club - close to his NEMS record shop in Whitechapel. He became the band’s manager in 1961.

The only building bearing his name is Epstein Court - a semi-derelict block of six apartments in a run-down area where camera-toting tourists are unlikely to venture.

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If you haven't done so already, please click and sign for Brian at -
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With the exception of some rare original items on display, I do not have much respect for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself ~
~ for an honest explanation of this statement, and why this petition is so very important for Brian's legacy nevertheless, please CLICK HERE.

Steele, aged 71, has now added his voice to a growing list of Epstein fans   *Eppylover says yay*  who are desperate to see such an influential figure honoured before the Capital of Culture in 2008. The performer is currently appearing in the title role of Dr Dolittle at the Liverpool Empire until December 29.

He said:
“It’s a tragedy someone like Brian Epstein has not been recognised by the city.

“Brian was such a lovely man, a great friend of mine.

“He was a gentleman, a kind, considerate guy who never, ever raised his voice.

“He wasn’t the typical manager; he never tried to rule the boys’ destiny, he just sat there and listened to what everyone had to say and sorted things out in his own manner.

“Considering all he has done for the city of Liverpool, a small gesture like a plaque outside his family home would be a fitting tribute.”
But Steele said he wouldn’t be following up his Eleanor Rigby sculpture with a Brian Epstein one – because Brian wouldn’t have wanted it.
Steele added: “Brian was a dear friend and if I thought he would have wanted a sculpture of himself I’d have no hesitation in doing it.

“But Brian was so unobtrusive, he would have hated the idea.
If it was even suggested, Brian would be saying, ‘Oh no, don’t be doing that.’
He was just that kind of guy.”
A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said: “This is definitely an interesting idea and one the council will be looking into.

“Obviously we would have to be granted permission by Brian’s family but if they agreed there would be no reason why a plaque in memory of Brian couldn’t be done.”

HOW could Liverpool honour Brian Epstein?
Write to Letters to the Editor, Liverpool Daily Post, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB,
email letters@,
or log on to our forums at


As well as his career as an actor, singer, entertainer and sculptor, Tommy Steele is a published author and an artist of note.

Among his novels are The Final Run, a novel about World War II and the evacuation of Dunkirk, and a children's novel, entitled Quincy, about a reject toy trying to save himself and his fellow rejects in the basement of a toy store from the furnace the day after Christmas. The novel was eventually turned into a film in 1979, which Steele played Quincy and Mel Martin playing Quincy's girlfriend doll, Rebecca.

As well as his Eleanor Rigby sculpture in Liverpool, his other major works include "Bermondsey Boy" which is displayed at the Rotherhithe Civic Centre.

Eppylover Note ~ The only problem I have with this sculpture thing is that I'm so personally picky about how Brian is depicted, and I'd probably have esthetic issues, especially with the statue's face. Very, very few artistic renderings of Eppy meet my complete approval ~ and this one would indeed be very high-profile, much observed and photographed. It would have to be PERFECT.ani rolleyes smiley

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