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The story on James McCartney
in my previous post (the last story on the page) was quite surprising, enlightening and inspirational. To me, anyway.
Hmmm ~~ John, Paul, George & Ringo
could very well be reborn in
Julian, James, Dhani & Zak.

Aw hell, why MUST we limit this to four?
Julian, Sean, James, Dhani & Zak!

It's rather doubtful they'd EVER give live performances together, or ~ even more out of the question, tour ~~ however, I would LOVE to adapt this idea to a spoofy, goofy movie!
Costuming/apparel by Stella McCartney
Official photographer ~ Mary McCartney
The band's ~ um ~ pottery person? sister Heather McCartney
    (wtf else is she known for doing...?)

Do any of the rest of the Beatles brood have any distinct occupations or careers? I feel quite limited in naming further members of their crew and entourage.

Although ~ the obvious choice for manager would be Henry Epstein! ;)

Hey. Duuude! I am SO ready to commence production on this fine epic! XD

From a very long article called Calm down Yourself
      "Scousers are sponging, untrustworthy scallies, are they?
        Only if you believe the media and comics."

...One of those who benefited from Urban Splash's early developments was Robert Swerdlow, Michael's son. Robert had started working at MKE just before it closed, but what he really wanted to do was to go into the music business, having been close friends with Henry Epstein, the nephew of Brian Epstein, who, in turn, had been a friend of Robert's Uncle Alan:

"I was always around their house and grew up thinking there was nothing unusual about seeing gold discs on the wall with Help! printed on them." Robert heard on the grapevine that there was a new place where you could rent an office for £25 a week, set up shop, from where he discovered and managed a group called The La's, which later became Cast.

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