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In case you don't keep daily track of AbbeyRd.Net News ~~


Update (12/4/07)

Veteran music writer Greg Kot has an interview with Paul McCartney at >>

Never seen photos of John Lennon recording "Double Fantasy" will be on exhibit in London. >>Here's the press release

The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF has made a donation to help the people of Bangladesh. >>Here's the press release

And this ought to send some vibrations to female Macca fans: He likes to give his women lingerie and perfume on the first date, reports the >>BANG Showbiz

And with a different sort of vibrations, the News of the World has found some new pornographic photos of Heather. (Note: If you're offended by this type of picture, you should not click the link.)
>>Heather Mills Full Frontal

The Daily Mail also has a profile of Paul's son >>James

Tags: beatles, news

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