christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

LJ Life is getting very interesting

~ Come on, kids! Let's all watch
the paranoid conspiracy squirrels grab their nuts
and scarper up the nearest emo tree ~

At the corporate level, there was really no answer to this dilemma.
Damned if they did and damned if they didn't.

Methinks SixApart just got too f*ing sick of being bruised and bounced between

being threatened and crucified by the fanatical right-wing Xian paedophile militias, and

being vilified and whined at by the overly-hormonal wankfic hack-"writers."

Okay, okay, don't de-friend me just because I'm having a cranky old sick bitch Day. Y'all know that's how I get every year during the goddamned holiday season.

Gotta keep watching this pseudo-drama with a big ole cynical smirk, to see how this too, too fascinating story develops.

We still all love Brian and his Boys, right?
Let's just concentrate on that, then.

Tags: cranky postmenopausal rant

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