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TWTYTW ~ The entire album ~ Grab it!

Eppylover Note: This is the album that made me fall in love with Tom Lehrer when my iconoclastic Rhetoric teacher played us "The Vatican Rag"...!

Now is gifting us with Tom Lehrer's That Was The Year That Was ~ the entire LP!

According to the website:
Imagine a Harvard professor (which he was) with a gift for the piano (which he had), and the iconoclastic humorous bent of a Lenny Bruce or George Carlin (right on the money), and you’ll get a good picture of musical humorist Tom Lehrer, whose delightfully twisted ditties presaged the counterculture of both the Beats and the hippies.

Unlike those bohemian types, Lehrer never let it all hang out; his professorial demeanor was part of his shtick, making his outrageous lyrical content all the more effective.

Though he was a key comedic figure throughout the ’50s, That Was The Year That Was is Lehrer’s only ’60s studio recording, and his last before his early retirement from music. No stone is left unturned, as he skewers the Catholic church to ragtime accompaniment on “The Vatican Rag,” mocks phony liberalism and racial unrest in “National Brotherhood Week,” and takes a well-aimed shot at the then-current folk revival in “The Folk Song Army.”

Holygoof says: A superb collection of memorable material. Funny and smart, sparing none and satirizing all.

1. National Brotherhood Week
2. MLF Lullaby
3. George Murphy
4. The Folk Song Army
5. Smut
6. Send The Marines
7. Pollution
8. So Long, Mom (A Song For World War III)
9. Whatever Became Of Hubert?
10. New Math
11. Alma
12. Who’s Next?
13. Wehrner Von Braun
14. The Vatican Rag

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