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Sunday Sermon ~ 1. The 10 C's vs The Constitution ... 2. Blindly Believing

Though I may screw up sometimes (and I am sorry when that happens), I truly do not want to offend my flisters.

So please do not click in if you prefer to think religion is useful...

1. The 10 C's -vs- The Constitution

The entire page of conversation on the forum listed below is delightful, including the links ~ and provides much food for thought and consideration:
Internet Infidels Discussion Board

2. Deaf, Dumb and Blind Belief

Q. I've come to think that religion was the first ever template for the life insurance deal.

Eppylover Note: Afterlife Insurance? LOL

But what really makes me think now is, it's not enough to merely throw off the shackles of religion - that part is easy! - the hard bit is shaking off the shackles of believing in absolutely anything.

So religion is one thing, but the trick is to NOT to replace it with belief in things like people... art.... rock and roll... medicine... money... property... sex... love. Only then can you get a proper erection for life and see the sublime and fleeting beauty of things. Do you agree?

A. Now, about that belief thing! You know I've rambled on about this frequently before.

It's 'belief' itself which is so utterly dumb.

To believe in something (or to disbelieve in it, for that matter) is to permanently suspend re-assessment of the facts, whether it be God, your country, your diet, your employee, or your exercise routine. Better to enjoy the benefits but regularly re-assess the upsides and downsides - like playing the stock market.

Imagine the financial disaster you'd be heading for if you 'believed' in a certain stock and bought it willy-nilly, year in year out, without regard to how well it was performing.

Well... there you have religionists.

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