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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Rabbi Waxman Went To Hell, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah...

Not because I'm overly paranoid, but to avoid any potential unpleasantness ~ well, slap me and call me a little bit paranoid, then ~ in any case, I do not wish for Jack Chick's webmaster to trace me back as a hostile linked site.

So please copy & paste the following url into your browser's address space to read the comic "Chick Tract" ~ Where's Rabbi Waxman? ~ it's way beyond ridiculous wuddafookery, but those coulterfundie Xians really do get off on it:

NOW, have patience and read the following excerpt from an outstanding sermon by Rabbi Steven Fuchs ~ it serves as a brilliant answer to Chick's creepy blatherings:

...And so, my hope: Let us live side by side in mutual respect and peace. Mutual respect precludes belittling the integrity of our religion as it is. If Jesus brings fulfillment and satisfaction and meaning in life to Christians, I say it again, I am happy for them. But Jesus plays no role, no role whatsoever in the religious thinking of the Jew.

You see, there are three major claims which Christians make for Jesus which Jews categorically reject:
one, that the martyr's death Jesus endured, in any way effects atonement for the collective sins of humanity or the sins of the individual;
two, we reject the idea that God became or is likely to become incarnate in any human form, making any human being a suitable object for worship; and
three, we reject that, as Paul contends in his epistles, the life and death of Jesus rendered the elaborate system of Jewish law and observances functionally useless.
By the time Jesus lived and died, Jewish messianic expectations were really quite clear. The Messiah our people expected would do four things ...
  1. End the Roman oppression of the Jews

  2. Restore a descendant of King David over a reunited Land of Israel

  3. Bring about the miraculous return of the scattered exiles to the Land of Israel

  4. Inaugurate an endless era of peace and harmony in the world
Put quite simply, Jesus did none of these things. Therefore, he cannot be the Jewish Messiah.

Bible-believing Christians often quote to me, as I am sure they quote to many of you, passage after passage in the Hebrew scriptures which they say point unmistakably to events and circumstances of Jesus' life which the New Testament recounts. "How could this be," they ask, "if Jesus were not the Messiah of whom the prophets spoke?"

"How can this be?" I answer. "It is very simple. The eighteen century preacher, the famed Magid of Dubnow in Poland, told a story which answers the question.

Once there was a man riding through the countryside in his wagon. He came upon a long barn, and on the side of the barn were several targets. Right smack in the middle of the bull's eye in each and every target was an arrow.

The man stopped his carriage and said, "I must meet this person who shoots so perfectly every time." So he stopped his carriage and found the owner of the barn. He asked him, "How is it that you never miss hitting the dead center of the bull's eye every time you shoot your arrow?"

"It's quite easy," the man answered. "You see, first I shoot the arrow into the barn, and then I draw the target around it."

How do New Testament writings show that Jesus' life and actions comply with predictions in Hebrew scriptures? It's easy. New Testament writers wrote their stories so that their accounts of Jesus' life would match the prophetic passages which they knew so well from Hebrew scriptures.

Rabbi Fuchs SO wins this one.

Read his entire sermon here

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