christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Would you leave YOUR hubby for Paul McCartney? LOL

Click pic
for the most tabloid-y story I could find on it.

Although Paulie's fun has by no means been limited to the tabloids.

According to that Mills person's U.S. spokeswoman Michele Elyzabeth, Heather blew it off with,
"Paul is a free man now. He can do what he wants!"

Another bit from the article:
In an e-mail message yesterday, Blakeman confirmed the separation: "I am legally separated from Nancy. The separation is amicable and mutual."

Blakeman and Shevell, who have a cedar-shingled, turreted home in East Hampton, were longtime friends of McCartney and his late wife, Linda, who lived in a beachfront mansion there.

...Errmmm, no. I have NO idea why I'm on such a Lady Mucca trip right now.
I guess just because the news has been so amusing over in that direction lately.

Speaking of Paulie girls:
A lovely article on Jane Asher! Eppylover-recommended reading
Jane and I have a lot in common when it comes to tanning, hahaa.

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