christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

We've been given another shot at this!

If you missed seeing it in this post ~~
Hurry before they take it down again!!!

It's basically a compilation of promos for upcoming NBC shows ~ from 1966 through 1968 ~ when NBC was THE network boasting the first and most in color programs!

Beginning with a brand new one called Star Trek ~
bragging that it's "the first adult space adventure!"
~click for medium-size image
...then click medium-size image for huge image!

***The above photo comes from a really great page full of Star Trek pics at TREKCORE.COM***

Also cute is the very last clip (the "Lively Black & White" introduction starting with the funny penguin), which was used for a special "NBC TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES" presentation of A Hard Day's Night [on 10/24/67].

So here's the whole NBC PROMO MONTAGE

As fast as they took the other one down, I give Viacom till overnight this time!!!

Tags: advertising, beatles, promos, star trek, videos

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