christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Previous Dawes/Cyrkle post improved for your pleasure

Yipes. The title almost sounds like an advert for an "adult" product!

Had an OCD attack and was compelled to waste an hour or so adding a whole bunch of (what I think is) great sh*t to the last entry.

Now I've gotta take me a shower, then spend the rest of the day catching up on responses to all the folks on all the various forums, blogs and emails ~ but LJ'ers come first. As much as I've tried to force myself to perpetuate regular blogs elsewhere, LJ feels too much like home and I can't stay away. *sigh*

Speaking of other places, the new incarnation of The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum is coming along nicely ~ it's being switched over to another host ~ I'll let everyone know and give you the link when it's open for perusal. You don't have to join in if you join up ~ but I'll bet you'll want to, heh.

BTW, I'm sure Vivek won't mind if I whisper in your ear that he's been busily bouncing between London, Hollywood, and New York ~ and exciting things are happening!

I can say no more.
(But stay tuned...)

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