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A bit of 60's TV

Once again, wielding its infinite power and glory, the great and mighty Viacom has deprived us of a little bit of pleasure by "removing" (censoring) the video posted below "due to terms of use violation" (sharing a small larf with others).

I hope you caught it while it was up. It was truly a treasure, and I wish I had saved it. But who was to know, about some small bits of NBC promos? What the hell kind of profit are we viewers stripping from that poor Viacom company? OMG, now they'll go bankrupt!!!

Shoot. :(

In 66-67, a color television was a VERY BIG DEAL.
Not many people had them, and the screen wasn't all that big ~ but you practically had to take out a second mortgage to afford one.

One day I came home from high school and, in a stern disciplinary tone, Dad ordered me to go downstairs to the family room and look at what's down there. I expected to be faced with something that I (or my cat) was to be blamed for.

Instead, there stood a brand new color console TV.
Well, I didn't scream at the Beatles concert a couple years prior, but I sure did bounce around the room screeching on the day of the new color TV.

That day came to mind when I saw this vid, a compilation of promos for upcoming NBC shows ~ when NBC was THE network boasting the first and most in color programs!

Beginning with a brand new one called Star Trek ~ "the first adult space adventure!"

Also cute is the very last clip (the "Lively Black & White" introduction), which was used for a special "NBC TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES" presentation of A Hard Day's Night [on 10/24/67].


Good Lord. A buncha goofy stuff set to
the Summer of Love cover song of DooOOoom.
Uploaded by some guy in Athens, Greece.

Most of it is corny ~
but there are parts that
actually made me go *SNORK!*

Video URL ~ Lucy in the sky with diamonds - William Shatner
Lucy in the sky with diamonds - William Shatner

Tags: 60s, censorship, filesharing, tv

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