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40 Years Ago Today in Brian Epstein History ~ Memorial Service



ON OCTOBER 17th...

In 1967...The Beatles attended a memorial service for Brian Epstein at the New London Synagogue.

Rare articles from magazines in Spanish:

Some more photos of articles from the press media:

*** Here's the newspaper page that I own ~ I'll have it framed someday ***

Seems to me the quotes from his own Boys sound like brain-dead Maharishi-puppets.
All this unbelievably stupid "he's not really dead" garbage they were spoonfed.
Cilla sounds more on the mark here:

Brian's grave was photographed personally by Katie Hickox this year,
August 27, 2007, the 40th anniversary of Brian's death.

My memorial service post in the mrbrianepstein Community two years ago today (Oct 17, 2005)

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On the same exact day ~ October 17, 1967 ~
The hippie musical Hair premiered at New York's Public Theatre ~
the show from whence issued the song "Easy To Be Hard" ~
which contains the *much-misunderstood* lyric ~
Especially people who care about strangers
Who care about evil and social injustice
Actually, when you read the next two lines ~
Do you only care about the bleeding crowd?
How about a needing friend?
~ and the rest of the song, you realize that these lyrics are meant to criticize the very sentiment that people mistake them to be praising! ~

~ that is, rather than a tribute to being politically aware of the misfortunes of people in other places disassociated with you,
it condemns self-righteous do-gooders who waste their time with philanthropic activities when it's at the expense of promoting healing at home, taking care of those you know personally.

In the words of another blogger in 1999 ~

          "This song is about...the ability to extend loving kindness to the nameless bleeding masses, and yet be
unable to peel the plasters from the eyes of the heart and see the suffering person in your own living room.

          "The tricky part is to extend loving kindness to the most difficult people in your world.
Notice, I did not say the worst people.
I said the most difficult for you.
These could be people you are angry at, or disgusted with, or don’t understand.

Examples in my life and practice have included:
  • My racist neighbor

  • A homophobic student

  • Richard Nixon

  • My old boyfriend (violent, abusive, alcoholic)

  • The man who murdered my sister’s best friend

It is easy to say, "may all beings be happy." It takes practice to say - and mean - "May Slobodan Milosovic be happy."

The next time I see someone blog those lyrics from Hair as a tribute to social consciousness and humanitarianism, I'm gonna spit.

  ~*~*~   ~*~*~   ~*~*~   ~*~*~

Also on this day ~ in 1933 ~ Albert Einstein arrived in the United States, a refugee from Nazi Germany.

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