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Ringo is Charmed

Here's a little posting I found while snoop-surfing through deleted posts in a site called "" ... I was going through that site simply because, a Technorati blog surf for the search term "brian epstein" gave me a link to that place.

As much as I'm not crazy about P.Brown, this reader's opinion amused me, especially the remarks about Ringo:

THURSDAY APRIL 10 2003 8:37 AM About to wrap this bio, "an insider's story of the Beatles" written by one Peter Brown. The Peter Brown from 'The Ballad of John and Yoko', him. Can't say I gained a lot of insight on the Fab Four here; most of the stuff has been around in one form or the other for years. Gee, Ringo's one of the luckiest dorks in the world? No kiddin'! McCartney was vain and manipulative? John Lennon did shitloads of drugs? Harrison went crazy-go-nuts for religion? Pete Best got the shaft?!?

Yer don't say, mate.

The stuff I found fascinating was the stuff about the supporting cast of Beatlemania - Brian Epstein, Magic Alex, Allen Klein, even Brown himself. He was John's best man when he married Yoko...guess that's why he's in the song! Some Beatle tidbits I hadn't heard were present as well - like how Ringo didn't play a lot of the drums on the later Beatle albums. In fact, it was Paul on the kit for "The Ballad of John and Yoko", and probably many others. Poor Ringo. He'll probably dance on the graves of the rest, however. Paul might live healthier, but Ringo... that guy's luck can't be beat. He's charmed, I tell you.



... and then another poster commented:

April 10, 2003 06:54 PM I love the Beatles!! It's my all time fav band. They just released a five disc dvd. Looks worthwhile, I think you'r right about Ringo dancin on the graves of the others! He is totally charmed, kharma treats him well because he was born with that huge honker, at least thats what I think! ha ha


... well, maybe I'm just more easily amused than normal people ... :D

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