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It's a little bit too "R.I.P." for my taste (since I've always preferred to concentrate on his life, humour and good times) ~ but at least it does give him some non-detrimental exposure.

From the DOuG pRATt blog:
...when Emerick met Brian Epstein for the first time.
"Friendly though he was, Brian struck me as a bit odd. He was a quiet man, obviously upper class. He didn’t come to many sessions, but he was always very polite to me when he did; however, I always got the impression that the Beatles didn’t like having him around."
  ~ Geoff Emerick, Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of THE BEATLES
Doug Pratt's interpretation of the above paragraph:

"Despite Epstein’s importance to the success of The Beatles, they felt the recording studio was their domain, and Epstein didn’t belong there.

Also, Epstein was gay, and from what I’ve read elsewhere, at that time The Beatles weren’t comfortable with his lifestyle."

In the words of the eppylover:

It wasn't that his Boys didn't love him; they loved him very dearly indeed.
The problem was, in that day and age, they did not know HOW to love him.

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