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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Jew, jew, jew, jew, JEW! ... @_@

As most of my flisters should know by now, I don't do memes/questionnaires. It's perfectly lovely if you enjoy that sort of thing (and please don't defriend me for ignoring you), but it's a waste of time to "tag" me.

The following, however, I cannot consider a meme, even though we want to try our best to "virus" it throughout the innertubes. So if you want to go along with it, please do!


This is a real hoot:
Recently, a member of the weirdjews community requested that everyone sign a petition demanding that Google remove/ban a certain horrendously hurtful (yet outrageously comical to those of us with an iconoclastic sense of humour) site from appearing as the top result.

I was gratified to see that next to nobody took her up on that silly crusade, and indeed enjoyed reading the ensuing comments. Before commenting to me that the petition idea is legitimate and NOT silly, please have patience and read all the comments on the weirdjews post first!

So then she huffily posted some sour grapes, to which many more intelligent replies were made.

And WOW, the comments to that one were even better ~ the best of which was this one.

There's a fascinating touch of the O.Henry in the final comment.

You will notice that I'm not mentioning the name of the antisemitic site here ~ much less a link to it ~ for the obvious reason that it will only add to the problem! If you don't know what that awful website is, Google the word Jew yourself, and you will see it ~ #1 in all its pretentiousness.

I love the fact that, directly above that result, Google has offered a very helpful explanation called "Offensive Search Results."

    ~ AND NOW ~

I say all the above to show you this whimsically bright brainstorm from soleklypse ~ Ahhh, I do heart comedians! Click this link to read his post on his LJ ~ Jew.


By now, you've probably heard about what happens if you Google jew. Google offers this explanation.

Yet, people still think that if Google gets enough signatures on this petition that they will remove the offensive site. Three years later, said site still sits among the top three hits.

So, I would like to propose an alternative solution.

Google's explanation of how their algorithm works says it well.  In order to change what happens when you Google jew we need to change the landscape of pages including the word "jew" and what they link to.

Thus, I propose that everyone with a web page or blog include links the the following twelve Jewish comedians, Woody Allen, George Burns, Rodney Dangerfield, Al Franken, Tom Lehrer, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Ben Stiller, Moe, Shemp & Curly Howard (picked primarily because they all have websites).  The links should lie under the word "jew"

So, the way this works is, if you have a blog or website or anything that is visible to Google, you put the following URLs under links, each titled "jew":
(be sure to use the last one three times, as there are three of them.)

So it should look something like this: jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew, jew.

Get it?

~ ~ ~
Christine's Chosen One ~ LOL!

Now, y'know I can NOT resist
adding my own little eppylinkers,
even though my sweet fehgeleh fella
wasn't a comedian
(in the PUBLIC eye, that is) ~
jew, jew

...and how about Mel Brooks, Super-Jew ?   ♥

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