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Misc Beatley-Briany Shtuffs

OMFG. LOL. WTF. I clicked on "She Loves You" and my life was never the same again.
Beatle Songs From Joah Valley
To top it all off, this post was made on Brian's birthday.


Watch it before it's deleted ~ AGAIN ~


In the beginning introduction, I'm amused by (the primarily stage actor) Brian's obvious newbie discomfort with TV cameras.

However, the interview at the end (starting at approx. 3:09) is so endearing, both of them seeming so shy and flirtatious. We must remember that this was filmed at about the same time that he and Marianne were dating, and (according to several legitimate sources) he was considering asking her to marry him.

Old Eppy Log post: The Ballad of Brian and Marianne


"I think it was the whole tedious sorry world of business that broke up the band.

Bless Epstein for keeping them in fantasy land as long as he did."
      ~ ted nightshade in prosoundweb forums


From The Detroit News

Excerpt from article:
Beatle fans will be interested to hear that Boyd believes that the death of their longtime manager Brian Epstein in 1967 was the death knell for the band, the beginning of endless personal and business turmoil.

In this audio clip, she says:
"That really did so much damage to them all, because they really had to take control of themselves, their lives and the business," Boyd said. "The boyishness in them had to disappear."

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