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New AT&T terms of service: We'll cut off your Internet connection for criticizing us

AT&T has brought down new Terms of Service for its network customers.

From now on, AT&T can terminate your connection for conduct that "tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries."

So AT&T customers aren't allowed to write/podcast/vlog critical things about AT&T, its billing-practices, or its cooperation with illegal NSA wiretapping, on pain of having their connections disconnected.

Link to AT&T Legal Policy
(Story picked up by BoingBoing via the /. website)

nerdinium commented:
"No AT&T or Verizon for me anyway now that we know they allowed the govt to tap our phones unconstitutionally without a warrant."
Thanks be to for this story

Related on YouTube:
The Stephen Colbert explanation of the whole confusing AT&T acquisitions

EDIT: Already this video has been removed. Man, those Viaconazis sure did jump on this one quickly! Well, you were looking for some Colbert, and I don't think there's even one non-Beatlemaniac in my flist, so here's what I hope will be accepted as
an acceptable replacement
Tags: business nazis, politics

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