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One of those totally-not-worth-reading type of posts.

I lightly peeked at my emails, and did a quick scroll down my friendslist ~and everything I glanced at rubbed me the wrong way.

Even the most innocuous, innocent thing pissed me off, and I wanted to make smartass cracks about them ~ rip 'em up. Anything I posted or commented would have ended up alienating somebody or other ~ and I knew that, later on, I would feel differently about what was written. By then it would be too late.

Everybody on earth today seems stupid, stupid, stupid!
At the same time, I do realize I am merely projecting
my own feelings of stupidity onto everyone else.
I am such a moron in real life.

Finally ended up just making a small, admittedly unhelpful comment on the beatlepeople community in response to someone's appeal for opinions on a tattoo design.
Actually, I have a strange idea what's causing this. I ate something Mexican last night. I had to cook it for Stephy & the Og, and I KNEW if I ate a taco that I'd wake up with an attitude ~ but I could NOT resist (I'm not totally depressed this time, thankfully).

Now, hey. I can see waking up with a tummyache, but not these brain-capades. What kind of a bizarre, idiotic food allergy is that? Spices altering your brain chemistry?

Shoot, the damn taco was almost all veggie, with no heat to it ~ I didn't even put salsa on it. But still. It ALWAYS happens.

*sigh* I'm turning off the computer now. A long shower might help. I'll get back to my mail and back to LJ later. I've still got a lot of Fifth Beatle Movie message board work to do, too.

"Help me, Eppy-wan! You're my only hope!"

Mama eppylover is such a downer right now. ani rolleyes smiley

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