christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~ Politics + Religion

From Archie Frith, Lowestoft, UK.

simon n-b… why are you such a grumpybollocks when it comes to religion…

why shouldn’t people believe in whatever they want to believe in...?

They can. I couldn’t give a toss.

·   If they believe money grows on trees,

        they shouldn’t expect me to use them as my accountant.

·   If they believe putting blood on a stone in the full moon will cure illness,

        they shouldn’t expect me to use them as my doctor.

·   And if they they feel the need to pray to an all-powerful god for guidance,

        they shouldn’t expect me to vote for them to run the country.

I think it’s time other people said the same thing.

No votes for people who believe in God.

People with religion are unfit for public office.

"The last fella who turned down our Eppy for a romp in the sack"

Tags: politics, simon, sunday sermon

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