christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Various degrees of separation of Brian Epstein

I just found the nephew of Geoffrey Ellis in one of my rare forays into MySpace... Tim Ellis, 34, who is in Manchester, UK, apparently directs The Salutation Pub ("The Sally") and another company called Artsun Ltd.

I dunno why, but I do get a mite tickled when I discover relatives of Brian, friends of Brian, relatives of friends of Brian, and friends of relatives of Brian, etc. etc. ~ in a contactable form.

Now that I've got a nice scanner/printer, I suppose someday I should properly scan most of the things I photographed with my digital camera in the pre-scanner days (see below).

This is Tim's uncle Geoffrey.

As it stands, the Brian peoples I've already found are scattered in amongst all the other effluvia on my hard drive. Someday I may organize all the Eppy-related peoples in one place.

Tags: brian epstein, brian people

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