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Brian Epstein More Than Deserves The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Induction!!!


I just noticed that, besides the regular "non-performer" category, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the occasional non-performer for
Lifetime Achievement!

It highly burned my butt that some guy named Frank Barsalona was inducted for this in 2005 ~

~ and this was for following through what Brian Epstein started ~

~ that is, Barsalona was the first to book The Beatles, et al, in America ~ and then he proceeded from there to recreate the "rock concert" from the little rinky-dink crap it used to be, to the extravaganzas we are now accustomed to.

Of course, people make a big deal about how Barsalona "virtually invented the rock concert business" and such. Maybe so. And yay for him.

But the eppylover almost wept over the ironic fact that he, and all the rest of these industrious people, are proudly inducted in the R&R Hall of Fame ~ when honestly, most of them would never be there had it not been for Brian Epstein in the first place.

Lifetime Achievement

The following were inducted for "Lifetime Achievement in the Non-Performer Category" in the years shown:

Besides Frank Barsalona, for the life of me, I cannot understand WHY they inducted John Hammond first ~ the talent agent who discovered Count Basie and Benny Goodman ~ rather than The Man Who Made The Beatles. Brian GAVE his life achieving their permanent position in history!

Did I say I cannot understand? Well, I'll take that back ~ yeah, actually I CAN understand. See, Hammond was still alive the year he was inducted. So, it was obviously for the reasons I stated in this comment here. Money and power. Which Brian cannot provide for the voters, because he's been dead too many years, and "certain people" ~ the four he loved more than all others ~ let him fade away.

You know, I'm putting my faith in Eppy lovers such as Vivek Tiwary, Katie Hickox, Martin Lewis, etc. to reverse the trend his own Boys have allowed ~ nay, encouraged ~ to happen.

And I hope, hope, hope that I have played just a little part in someday soon bringing Brian Epstein back up where he belongs. Which is, equal to his boys. :)


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