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Sunday Sermon ~ If Billy Graham Had Invented Pac-Man...

Sorry I'm late....

Courtesy of Stephy, who is now 18 years old, GOOD GAWD!

This is a vid showing the gameplay of "Devil World" ~ a Nintendo game for the NES which was banned in the US as a result of the super-anal religiosity prevalent in this country.

It's like PacMan, except you collect crosses which allow you to gain the ability to collect pellets and breath, which allow you to permanently kill enemies. The maze also scrolls, and the second level is more complicated.

Embedding is disabled on this video, so here's your clicky:

Part 2 ~ A very different, pre-Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson
from a UK show called "Not The Nine O'Clock News" ~

If you'd rather watch it directly on the YouTube website:

I say "very different Rowan Atkinson" because we don't know him as anything but Mr Bean here in the US ~ I encourage Mr Bean haters to look at some of his "Not The Nine O'Clock News" sketches; they may change your mind. Not about Bean, about Atkinson, hahaa.

Bean creeps out Stephy to da max.

Personally, I think Mr Bean has his moments,and he's got a cult following ~ but, as much as I like Rowan the actor, his character Bean is a one-trick pony and gets old real quick with me.

IMO, Rowan ~ NOT as "Bean" ~ would ROCK as a regular on a Seinfeld-type show, or even a Tim-Allen-"Home Improvement" type of sitcom.

Have a nice Labor Day, for what it's worth! :)
Tags: comics, humor, sunday sermon, youtube

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