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The daughter tries to cheer me up...

Thanks for all the good wishes. I think I'm recovering, at least enough to put together this post.

Stephy sent me these vids and tried to make me watch them in a futile attempt at making me feel better yesterday.

Arrghlblbl Cat

Oh Long John Cat

(Stephy's comment): "This because I love the look on the kid's face at the end"

Various Cats

For those who wonder what I've been doing.... My eyes couldn't tolerate watching or reading anything for very long, so I'm afraid she didn't get very far yesterday trying to show me the vids.

It really sucks that this is all happening on the two Eppy-death days. Well, you can wander into my Aug 26-27 archives for the past years, here and at my communities, for remembrances. I think they're pretty good.

As to what all this is, my only guesses are any one of, or a combination of ~ I picked up some kind of a bug, or I've got some kind of food poisoning, or the two teeth that have decay under them (set for removal next week) are infecting, or the bottle of blue "PowerAde" stuff that I was gulping down for the two days previous to this contained orange juice (which they don't list on the label, but I am allergic to). I also had made tacos for supper that night, which always causes heartburn even when I take ranitidine (and for some reason I always get overly depressed the following day???), but (until now) I'd always shrug that off as my penalty for eating something I loved so much. I don't think I'll touch Mexican food ever again.

In any case, whatever it was, it set off everything else. When I woke up with a bad headache and sinusitis, I did the usual and took the acetaminophen and pseudoephedrine ~ but it shortly came back up with a vengeance. Along with a large amount of ...well, sinusitis stuff, to use a gentler term.

I don't blame Stephy for keeping her distance ~ she gets nauseated at the sounds of vomiting, lol. But I wish I were married to someone who was able to empathize. All he does is stop in and say, "Are you all right?" and I say, "No" ~ and he goes away. He must have really been missing his meals, because one time he actually said more than that ~ "Think you touched something at the store that someone sick touched?" That pissed me off. The only help he can be is finding something to blame for it ~ hell, I can't know what the cause is!

He's been spending more time away with friends and "helping" people these past few days, since his chief cook and bottle washer machine has been down. He even got another stupid tattoo on the other arm, according to Stephy. It's probably religious, like the fancy cross with the Jesus name he had put on last year. Spends all that money on a tat, eats a big restaurant breakfast almost daily when at work, shells out $3,000.00 a year to God (and cleans the church every Saturday night) but can't afford copay for my dentist.

This morning, I seem to be a little better ~ as you can tell by all this typing I'm doing, lol ~ but for 2 days I couldn't tolerate eating anything ~ I could only suck on ice cubes ~ however, late last night I ate 1/4 cup of plain rice and it stayed down ~ and I just finished eating about the same amount of cereal with milk this morning. Stomach still doesn't feel too healthy, but it's staying down, fingers crossed.

I still feel the sinus pressure and the horrid, horrid taste in my mouth when I wake up ~ sleep has been only in spurts of an hour or so, then sit up and groan a lot, with only the TV going for company (hard to watch it, though, as sore as my eyes were), then after a half hour to an hour, trying to find a comfortable position and going back to sleep for another hour if I'm lucky. Get too chilly, then later get too hot ~ but that's par for the course for old ladies, lol. I won't talk about the bathroom, except to say I didn't have the big D (in fact, I had nothing going out that way at all), and so I don't know what happened to the Mexican food, because it didn't come up. Can it still be in there, after all this time? Good lord.

Jeezy creezy on a pogo stick, I need a shower BAD ~ but I'm afraid I might pass out or something. Unless I start feeling worse again, I will shower today, and try to change the bedclothes. As allergic as I am to dust and microbes and dust mite junk, it couldn't hurt.

I only hope I'm well enough to do something about Stephy's birthday tomorrow. The family birthday party is Saturday ~ we're also celebrating my dad's, my older bro's, my niece's hubby, and my sister's "hubby"'s birthdays.

Well, anyway, enjoy the vids. My particular fave is "Oh Long John."

Now I'm going back to bed. Augghhh.

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