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The Brian Epstein Anniversary Exhibition


And now I'm even more desperately sad that I can't make it to L'pool this year ~

Never-Before-Seen Brian Epstein
To Be Shown Next Week

To commemorate the life and times of this remarkable man, the Beatles Story will be exhibiting a wonderful collection of previously unseen photographs, books and other items, all of which have been generously loaned by an American collector, Katie Hickox.

The items include:
  • A discarded note written by Epstein in his handwriting which features a lyric Brian is alleged to have written for Paul McCartney. It is believed that Brian was keen to relieve some of the pressure on the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team, and that the note reveals his own attempt at composition.

  • A previously unseen photo of Brian Epstein featuring the Beatles and two other acts on his 'stable' of performers, Gerry and the Pacemakers and Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas.

  • A rare signed copy of Epstein's 1964 autobiography, 'A Cellarful of Noise'.

  • A number of photos and documents taken from NBC's archives which feature Epstein and the Beatles on their first trip to the USA in Feb 1964.

  • A 1967 picture of Epstein taken at the Disc and Music Echo awards where he can be seen chatting to the Monkees' Micky Dolenz. The photo also shows DJ Jimmy Saville enjoying a trademark cigar!
A number of these fascinating artefacts were originally given by Epstein to his chauffer Bryan Barrett for safekeeping shortly before his death in 1967 and were originally put up for auction in April 2000 at Christie's.

Director of the Beatles Story Jerry Goldman said:
"We are delighted to be able to mark this anniversary and acknowledge Brian's enormous contribution to the world of popular music. Without Epstein there might still have been the Beatles but the story would be entirely different."

A few months ago, I exchanged a couple of Eppy-related emails with this same Katie Hickox ~ fully aware and grateful that she was an Eppylover, but not yet realizing what her profession was ~ which turned out to be, quite the prominent journalist out of San Francisco. As soon as I found that out (via Google, of course), I started feeling kind of overwhelmed. If I had any brains or courage (or heart, tin man?) I'd email her again...

I almost cried when I read in her email that she had spoken on the phone several times, and spent a full hour in person with Alistair Taylor in August 2003 (receiving a kiss on the cheek) ~ something that I will always regret never being able to do. She also met somebody truly awesome that I have always wished to see ~ not knowing whether it's okay for me to divulge who that was, all I will say is that this is the person she received many of the artifacts from that are now on loan at Beatles Story.

Imagine holding in your hand a piece of paper that Brian held, that he actually wrote upon ~ and not just a silly autograph, but some creative work from his own mind. Even though he eventually discarded it, it's still a part of Eppy's own imagination... and what's special about that is, unlike with his boys, we have next to no access to how Brian's asthetic mind worked...

Katie, bless her heart, is a lady who has recently (in 2000) become fully aware of the disrespect the world has always shown Brian, and thankfully is really in a position to do so much more than I can.

That's all I'll say about her without her knowledge or permission. ;)

This sweet pic of Katie Hickox was provided to me by herself!
Thanks so much, Katie! ♥

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