christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The want. The need. The lack of money. The weeping. ;P


It's not very often I see something Eppy that I've never seen before.


Although I think the cover drawing looks nothing like him ~

~ the eyes are all wrong ~ too close together, too high on the forehead and the eyebrows too close to the eyes ~ uh, isn't that Oscar Levant? XD ~

~ I lust for this book for what's IN it. And because of the fact that it's truly a Brian Epstein collector's item.

Here's their description of the book:


This is a unique 32 page book about Brian Epstein, The Beatles charismatic manager who died at a young age in 1967. Unique because, it is not on sale anywhere in the world.

This is because it is part of an art exhibition at The Tate gallery, Liverpool entitled 'Liverpool Centre of the Creative Universe'. As far as I am aware, the only way you can get hold of this book is by visiting Tate Liverpool yourself.

'Epstein' is a quality, beautifully designed book by two artists: Jeremy Deller and Paul Ryan. It is published by Tate Liverpool 2007 on quality paper that includes some gold embossing.

In the foreward it states "This publication is about Brian Epstein's pre-pop revolutionary life in the city, and serves in some ways as a practical guide to it. Though many of his haunts are gone there are still a few places and people that remain".

The book is full of interesting anecdotes from people who knew Epstein since childhood. It is beautifully illustrated by artist Paul Ryan and is full of maps and drawings relating to his life, and includes details of his grave in a Jewish cemetery in Liverpool. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO OWN SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.

Well, I'm the first to put a bid in on it ~ I have no money, but I'm sure that fact will become irrelevant because I'm convinced the price will go sky-high before the auction's over. *sigh*

EDIT Jan 08 ~ I now own this booklet, a very cheap ebay win. I win!

Tags: books, brian epstein, ebay-craigslist-et al

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