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Beatles, Keefie, the Everetts, Queen's Freddie & Brian... and Do-It-Yourself BeeGees!

Have you seen this? ~
CBS has just released, for us to see online, the first actual news report from November 1963 (just a week or two before President Kennedy was assassinated) on that weird British short-lived musical group with the sheepdog hairdo's.
Heaven help us if this silly fad spreads to America! ;P

CBS News: "Beatleland" 1963

Oh, and for us eppylovers... there's no mention of Brian.
Eh, it's a fascinating peek into the past, anyroad.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Unseen Beatles footage emerges

Exclusive never-before-seen footage of The Beatles is released today, and
it can be seen online. The material was filmed by the Fab Four's former
roadie Mal Evans and has been hidden for decades. The clips include secret
concert footage as well as revealing private conversations and personal
exchanges within the band.
[more from source: NME]

I saw the funniest Keith Richards "interview" on Conan last night. He talked to one of those big pictures of Keith's face with the moving mouth. Talking about the autobio he's being paid £3.6 million to write.

Keith Richards autobiography news from New Musical Express

Keef knew Eppy quite well, too. I wonder if he'll have the balls to write any good stuff about Bri, rather than the poor pitiful pervert crap we are accustomed to seeing. Or if he'll write about him at all.

That reminds me ~ I recently eBay-procured (for US 99 cents plus the unforeseen shock of a fortune in shipping) a book some time ago from Australia (it wasn't available here) written by the great Kenny Everett's ex-wife, Lee Middleton Everett Alkin ~ titled Kinds Of Loving ~ which I was hoping would give me greater insight into the circumstances under which Bri had introduced ashamed-to-be-gay Kenny to professed "fag-hag" Lee, former longtime consensual mate of then-extremely famous (in the UK) Billy Fury. Fascinating story. I especially treasure a funny little anecdote about Brian, and how he managed to exhibit just enough of a touch of utter shlemiel to look charmingly clueless at times... Sometime I've gotta type out that bit of an Eppy tale and post it.

But for now,
see this page
for the account of how Lee and Kenny met at Brian's house, as written by the closeted and in-denial Kenny in his own autobio, The Custard Stops At Hatfield. Particular attention to be paid to the side-story of George, John and Ringo there.

Kenny and Lee remained in love, even after their divorce (due to her inability to come to terms with his homosexual side), till his death from AIDS. You see, Kenny and Freddie Mercury were lovers, and they both had this lover from Russia, who so graciously shared the HIV which in time killed all three of them.

I dare you to watch this example of Kenny Everett's show without cracking up!

Alas, at that time his humour was "too British" for us lame Statesiders. A PITY.
By the time PBS had latched onto Monty Python (and *ugh* Benny Hill), Kenny was long gone.

Speaking of Freddie and Queen,
News from our local TV station:

Dr Brian May, Astrophysicist!

and already there's a comic on it ~
this Userfriendly comic


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