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Martin Lewis Back On Track With Eppiness?

Excuse me, he's RE-Launching his RRHoF "MBE" Petition Drive, I'd say!

a.k.a. Let's Just Refer Everybody To The 1999 Stuff,
without bothering to update the site
or reissue the book, Why Don't We!

BTW, I double-checked the "MBE" site, and there were next to no updates made since 1999, other than the usual few new signatures per day on the petition.

Hmmm... What I think happened...

It must have finally come to someone's attention that there is indeed a resurgence of interest in Brian going on...
(hopefully helped out by somebody here in cyberland who has been trying her damndest to splash Eppy's image and stuff about him all over the web ~ tee hee)...
and on top of that, they must have noticed the bits of news about the new movie being made by Vivek ~ The Fifth Beatle ~ which will premiere in only one more year or less. So, being the cynical old eppylover that I am, I suppose Mr Lewis wants to use this apparent renewal of Eppiness to sell his Brian's book, A Cellarful of Noise, once more.

Well, that's fine, really. The Martin Lewis Rhino Rediscovery edition is the BEST one ever printed, and the only version that is personally eppylover-recommended. The commentary before and after Derek Taylor's Brian's original text are NOT to be missed! I'd go so far as to say necessary to complete the story.

By the way, yes, Derek Taylor did ghostwrite Cellarful ~ but Brian did not treat the task as frivolously as critics like to mouth off about. After all, most celebrities do have someone else put their autobiography in words for them! Derek put it together from many hours of listening to Brian, interviewing, and taping him. He got to know him very, very well. Brian did not blindly allow Derek to publish it, either, without seriously perusing and editing it first. So it was Brian's book, totally ~ Derek Taylor was a genius with words and was the perfect choice ~ but he wrote it as Brian told it to him, and it was printed exactly as Brian personally approved it.

To get back to the "new campaign" ... there is quite a bit of updating that should be done to the site. One indication that it has not been touched is the allusion to "Beatlefest" on the very first page. It has not been known as Beatlefest for years, since Apple threatened litigation on the name, and they were forced to change it to "The Fest For Beatle Fans."

Also, on the page describing Cellarful, this info is totally out-of-date:
The new edition of A Cellarful of Noise also includes a new foreword from Sir George Martin. Cellarful was officially reissued on June 25th, 1998 by Byron Preiss Multimedia Books in its Rhino Retrospective series and distributed by Pocket Books. List price is $9.95.
Actually, it still seems to be out of print as of today (check out the page on it). I'm assuming that Rhino will be reissuing it soon. In the humble opinion of the eppylover, they should have first updated the website and reissued the book before RE-launching the RRHoF campaign!

I suppose I am, whatever the case, grateful that some more action is once again being taken by somebody other than Vivek and myself to allow Brian Epstein to shine once more as the premier guiding light of the British Invasion and Swinging 60's London! As the wonderful Tony Bramwell states in his (highly eppylover-recommended) book Magical Mystery Tours-My Life With The Beatles, Brian Epstein was considered by many to be a god during those few fab years. It is unfortunate that a combination of poorly-timed circumstances, a lack of support from his Boys ~ and tawdry fairy tales published at the worst possible time by a certain disrespectful former friend carrying a grudge ~ should have tarnished his image to the point that he's been virtually ignored and forgotten.

Here are the articles I found just this morning that picked up on Martin Lewis's newest "launching" of the RRHoF effort:

Later on, more sites popped up in the news search:

All of the articles seem to basically use the same text:
A campaign has been launched to have former Beatles manager Brian Epstein inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Producer Martin Lewis has set up a petition on website to have the Liverpool businessman posthumously honoured by the institution as it is a “travesty” Epstein has not received the honour before now.

“The Hall Of Fame rightly includes the Beatles as a band, plus two knights of the British realm - (Beatles producer) Sir George Martin and Sir Paul McCartney,” he says. “And one belated day they will induct George Harrison and Ringo Starr for their solo work too. But there is another who belongs: Brian Epstein.”

Collins added: “He has never been included on the list of non-performers selected by the Hall’s nominating committee. Such a grave oversight should be brought to the attention of those who have the power to remedy this travesty.”

Epstein died in 1967, aged 32, after suffering a drug overdose.

Beatles producer Sir George Martin and Epstein’s nephew Harry have already lent their names to the petition.
~ Eppylover correction: Brian Epstein's nephew's name is HENRY Brian Epstein... Not Harry!
Every single site carrying this story calls him Harry. Augghhh!

Left to right: Victor Spinetti, Chris Carter of KLOS's Breakfast With The Beatles, Martin Lewis,
and John "Shake" Junkin, who sadly died on my birthday in 2006.

The eppylover's usual plea hasn't been posted in awhile, so here goes:
Image hosted by
If you haven't done so already, please click and sign for Brian at -
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
With the exception of some rare original items
on display, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself
is a bunch of crap -- for an honest explanation
of this statement, and why this petition is so
very important for Brian's legacy nevertheless,
please CLICK HERE.
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