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Jane Asher Cast In SJA
July 31, 2007 • Posted By John Bowman in

Jane Asher will be a guest star in The Sarah Jane Adventures, according to The Sun today.

An excerpt from this page:
            Celebrity baker Jane Asher (here's her baking site) is to guest-star in "Doctor Who" spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. The CBBC autumn series will follow the Doctor’s former sidekick. Elisabeth Sladen, 59, reprises her role as journalist Sarah, a cult favourite from 1973 to 1976.

It is not Asher's first involvement with the world of Doctor Who, as she portrayed the Doctor's granddaughter in the BBC Radio 4 play "Whatever Happened To...Susan Foreman?" in 1994.

The Sarah Jane Adventures will be part of the CBBC autumn season.

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