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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Self-hatingness, Bobbleheaded Author and Stan Lee SuperJew

Great article:
In Defense of Self-Hating Jews
Conversations with the Targets of Masada2000’s S.H.I.T. List

Masada2000 was even banned in Israel for its toxic mix of hate and racist-filled messages. An excerpt explaining what this list is was:
The main place to find the self-hating label flung at Jews has been at the website Masada2000 (, whose “S.H.I.T. List” (“Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening”) contained almost 8,000 names, often with photographs and personal or professional contact information before the site was taken off the web by its host service,, in March of this year.
Click the title link at the top of this post to read some common-sense comebacks from the "victims" of that stupid list.

By the way, even though the original page has been taken down, at this writing I googled for it and could still access the cache of that page.

As a comedic relief complement to the above, here's the Uncyclopedia's tasteless, hilarious entry for the term Self-Hating Jew.

Brian Epstein by Robert Whitaker
By the way, in many writings about him, our own Brian Epstein is often referred to as a "self-hating" or "self-loathing Jew."

I must say, that term can mean many things ~ personally, politically, aesthetically, etc.

Actually, in most ways Brian loved his family background, and was often researching into things Jewish ~ however, THEN he would make up his own mind about each aspect of the religion and/or culture.

One of the items found on his deathbed was a book he was in the middle of reading, The Rabbi (1965) by Noah Gordon [see bottom of this page].

I've got a copy of The Rabbi in a stack of books on my bedside dresser.

And now, on the lighter wtf side ~

who amongst us could ever live without a Shalom Aleichem bobblehead doll!
Shalom Aleichem bobblehead at
More Silliness:
For those who can get the Sci-Fi Channel (we can't because we've only got Comcast Basic, wahhh) ~ one of Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Superheroes happens to be Kosher!

A couple of articles about him ~
1.  Mr. Mitzvah, "Jewperhero"
2. "Super Mensch" by the Jewish Forward

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