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Tom Lehrer: The WHOLE LIBRARY!

All Lehrer, All The Time (in this post, anyway)

Tom Lehrer links
I don't know how long these links will be valid before the PTB (Powers That Be) find them and take them down. I am not going to post any actual links, so the PTB-bots will never find them or be able to trace them from here ~ so I suggest looking at the blue url at the top of my jpg image and typing it manually into your browser's address space. You won't be sorry. He's a frickin' genius.

If you aren't very familiar with him yet, please listen to this BBC program first, and get a little taste of the Lehrer.

As for me, I have owned ALL of his vinyl LP's since the 60's ~ this excludes the 1997 release Songs and More Songs By Tom Lehrer, which is merely a CD release of his two studio albums (which are pretty nifty, but I prefer his live albums).

Someday I will own The Remains of Tom Lehrer, which is a CD box set compilation of EVERYTHING, including the ditties he created for the children's show The Electric Company. It also includes some others, including "I Got It From Agnes" ~ one that he decided not to release commercially, to avoid dooming the entire LP to the "adult" section of record stores, co-mingling with the likes of Rusty Warren, et al. (Augghhh.)

The box set also features an awesome, awesome little hardbound book, which I lust for with a vengeance.

As for now, I was naughty ~ I went and checked that box set out from our public library, and saved it onto my hard drive. However! For the price of a nice hug from Mr Lehrer himself, I will gladly delete it and wait until I can buy it properly ~ or, as the Hungarian idiom goes, "Majd ha cigánygyerekek potyognak az égből" ("When gipsy children are streaming from the sky").

Young people, perhaps you will remember the following song from other places. Stephy was lucky enough to have had it played in her science class. The dude, Sam Swicegood (aka YouTuber PHDrillSergeant), who added the visuals to this vid, did an excellent job ~ even if he did misspell a couple of:
The Elements!

Another excellent YouTubing of an old Lehrer standard, Wernher von Braun:

Here's a birthday post I made for Jamie, the mod of the tomlehrer Community ~ decorated with a Nintendo-Wii Tom Lehrer created by none other than the great artiste daStephy!
Kill The Turkeys...
Jamie lives in England! *cheers, applause, hoots*

As for Mr Lehrer himself, he will turn a glorious 80 years old on April 9, 2008. Still every bit as adorably dorky-looking as he ever was.

You can see the most recent video of him [ here ], but unless you're a total math geek yourself (or in love with Tom as some of us are), you probably won't "get it" or find any great attraction in this particular vid.

I put it here anyway because that's the kind of person I am.

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