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Today in Xian History ~ and if the Pope says it, by Gawd, it's TRUE!

Well, to begin with, it's
July 15, St. Swithin's Day

For some odd reason, a lot of "saints" all decided to "go to Jesus"
(i.e., bite the big one) on July 15 ~
~ wellll, more likely, it was convenient for the holy-honchos of Rome
to date all their deaths on this day.
ani nodding smiley

~ Year ~
303:     Death of St. Felix of Thibiuca
338:     Death of St. James of Nisibus
668:     Death of Constans II, Eastern Roman Emperor
862:     Death of St. Swithin
1015:   Death of St. Vladimir
1024:   Death of St. Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor

As always, if you are highly sensitive to any religion-dissing,
please forego clicking the cut. I appreciate every reader I can get,
and especially love my flisters ♥
~ and I never INTEND to insult, upset or offend ANY of y'all.

However, on Sundays I want ~ NEED ~ to just "let go." Thank you for understanding!



The Muslim citizens of Jerusalem surrendered their city to the armies of the First Crusade. The Crusaders then proceeded to massacre thousands of unarmed men, women and children. "The city was filled with corpses and blood," wrote one chronicler.
Pope Innocent III says Jews are doomed to perpetual servitude & subjugation due to the crucifixion of Jesus

Charles VI, King of France, expels the Jews from France

1250 French Bible illustration depicts Jews
(identifiable by Judenhut)
being massacred by Crusaders

Crusaders killing Jews ~ they ran out of Muslims!

from Wonkette (satire), DC

dept. of it's cool to hate catholics again
Nazi Pope: Only Catholics Are Christians
[Some of the links in this article are to die for]

Hi cutie! - WonketteJust as the United States is finally getting tolerant enough to briefly consider electing a scientologist dog torturer, the “former” Nazi and current pope Joseph Ratzinger today announced that non-Catholic Christians aren’t really Christians because their churches aren’t really churches and lack the “means of salvation.” Because of this, according to Ratzinger, you are going to Hell forever if you are a Born Again or Evangelical or Fundamentalist or Seventh Day Adventist or Baptist or Gnostic or Episcopalian or Lutheran or Methodist or Anglican or (especially) Mormon or (obviously) Jewish.

Members of the various post-Great Schism orthodox churches are apparently still allowed salvation but at some additional price or maybe a lower level of Heaven (the Roman church quit that purgatory bullshit, right?) because they do not worship the pope, said Ratzinger.

Message to God-fearing non-Catholic Republicans: Remember this when you vote against that ring-kissing abortionist, Rudy Giuliani. He worships the same pope who condemned you to Hell today!

Pope: Other Christians not true churches [AP]

~ Related op-ed ~

from, NC
Pope: You're Going to Hell
if You are not Catholic

Del Williams
July 10, 2007

I have always liked Pope John Paul II, but the Catholic Church is back to their usual games of telling other churches they are wrong, and more importantly, they "lack the means of salvation." Yep, that is what he said, but he wants the dialogue to continue.

Ok, I have some dialogue for you.

What did Jesus Christ say about religious leaders that do their stuff for others to see?

How about his views on judging?

My favorite, What Scripture did you use to justify your priests lying, raping boys, and stealing from the Church?

Perhaps you need a little more dialogue.

What did Jesus say was about the traditions of men nullifying the word of God? Oops, bet you did not know a commoner knew about that one. How about the fact that Jesus made his friends among the very people that you say have no means of salvation. Here is a final clue. Do you get that salvation is about Jesus, if you are a Christian. It is not about a church,or believing that the Pope has a direct line to God or whatever. Here is the bottom line, why has the Pope, all of them, been quiet when your priests have been the guilty party. They acted like criminals and tried to hide behind your papal robes.

Now, really my final thought. If all are going to hell but true Catholics, then I think you misread the Bible, and perhaps should concentrate on the Scriptures forbidding pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, and sexual sin. Heck, why not post the seven deadly sins. Instead of using them as a vision, live your life trying to avoid them.

I am so glad we had this dialogue.

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