christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Beatle music to pimp products

From "1960's" Newsgroup
Luvs For Sale

"So far, no grandchild has to ask if "Eleanor Rigby" was about selling toilet paper ~ but now, 21 years later, "All You Need Is Love" will stay within young minds as the song about dirty diapers.

Is that what John Lennon intended for the song?"

p.s. this icon is how I looked in the 80's.
Sure wish I still looked like that. :(

In lieu of a religion rant, I'm turning over the pulpit to a link.
So Zelda, get down offa there; it's Link's turn.
(Oy, that was REEAALLY corny and lame; sorry!)

As always, I love ALL my readers and especially my flisters, and do not intend nor wish to offend or make anybody unhappy. But I must have my little day of letting it all hang out, yaknowwhutimean?!

I was highly tickled by this piece of humour, even though it assumes that you believe that there Jesus dude actually existed in the first place.

Well, he might have. But if you consider the lack of any real scientific evidence, I wouldn't bet the farm on it. ;)

Enjoy ~~
I Used to Listen to Jesus Christ,
Before He Went Mainstream

Tags: advertising, beatles, sunday sermon

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