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Andy Griffith, Bush's Privacy Act and VIACOMmunists

A rare eppylover politically-inclined post
Opie's tape recorder ~ Andy Griffith Show
As I start writing this entry, The Andy Griffith Show just happens to be on the air right now on TV Land ~ which is one of my "background noise" channels when I'm online ~ along with Comedy Central, and occasionally Cartoon Network and others, depending.

But I digress. The episode they're running right now, called "The Tape Recorder" was first aired in 1967, and features Opie sneaking around taping people's private conversations ~ after his father warns him about "invasion of privacy" ~ and I immediately thought of The Bush Post-9/11 Freakout, still in progress.

So, on a whim, I googled "andy griffith" and "invasion of privacy" ~ and found that other people had obviously beat me to the idea of similarities...

So, seeing that it's labeled "viral video" on the iFilm site, I googled "Andy Griffith vs. Patriot Act" and that confirmed it for me. As per usual, everybody's in on the connection except the Christine.

Then I checked YouTube, and found only an audio of that scene as part of a larger audio clip [ HERE ].

One of the comments posted after the YouTube audio clip really hit me. A YouTuber named "manfromlaramie" said:
"Hmmm...I posted this video from which this audio was taken. YouTube took it down yesterday because of 'copyright infringement.' But check out all the other (160+) Andy Griffith videos they apparently didn't feel the need to take down. Something smells fishy."
YouTube has become a little bit too big a site to be able to operate like they used to without being hassled to death. At least, so far, they haven't been forced to go the way of the late lamented original Napster. ;_;

(BTW, I'm so glad I was on top of it enough in those old Napster days to take full advantage of it. Try as you might, there is NO WAY you'd ever be able to find now the sounds I collected then!)

eppylover sez:
Who else besides me thinks that Bush needs to take a little trip out to the woodshed with Andy?

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