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"British Rock" would not exist worldwide if not for Brian

Brian Epstein lived on the phoneEPPY BROKE DOWN THE WALL

If not for this one man, there would have been no 60's Invasion from England.

This video sets us up by showing us how totally class-divided England was, until...

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Click for Part 5
Brian Epstein was the ONE person who DARED to bridge the unfathomable gap between the classes. He saw the potential, was hypnotized by the future, and KNEW it would happen. Knew that HE was the ONLY man who could make it happen.

Eppy spent months and months constantly beating his head against the wall, suffering rejection after rejection, losing hope and then regaining it once again and forging onward with furious tenacity. He embarrassed his Orthodox family and was an object of disgrace to others in the culture he was born into, and that caused him pain, but even that didn't stop him.

Yet still he dared to go on with his mission, his obsession, and ~ although some claim a few of his methods were not very "kosher" ~ Brian became the one and only person who had the balls to see it through and make it happen.

He was the only person who dared bridge that class gap and pull it off successfully.

Notice I didn't say he was the FIRST to dare, I said the ONLY ~ in other words, nobody came before and nobody came after ~ because, after Brian bravely and devotedly paved the way, those formerly impenetrable invisible barriers were pretty much down, the floodgates were open, and it was not difficult at all for other mid-upper-class men to follow his entrepreneurial lead ~ although no man (or woman), ever, ever would or could be another Brian Epstein.

As his family's solicitor/neighbor/friend, Rex Makin, said ~ Brian was a "one-off" ~ which is a British term meaning a one-time occurence, an ad-hoc exception to rule, or something that happens only once and can never be repeated.

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