christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Listen to Alma sing ~ then listen to Paul's admirers

As a snazzy addition to yesterday's
Alma newsflash, here's one of her
most popular pre-Beatles hits.

Doesn't it just sound like something
more to Brian's early tastes than that
meshuggah rock and roll nonsense? Hahaa

Here's Alma singing
Somebody Loves Me

Alma Cogan sings live on radio

Found a neat-o OFFICIAL Happy Birthday vid for our Paulie.

Brian's arsking why Richie hasn't shown up yet...?

Notice right around 2:35 Paul gets greetings from none other than Eddie Izzard!
That is beyond cool.

Than at 3:15 we have Mike Myers chiming in ~ also very cool!

Tags: alma cogan, beatles, brian epstein, eddie izzard

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