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Hello! Be Patient -- I'm Learning Live Journal

A little about myself:

I am hopelessly stuck in the mid-60's.
Fave Beatle has always been Brian,
... although as a teen my friends tried to "assign" Ringo to me.
Born in March of 1951, I was 16 on "that day" August 27, 1967.
Attended August 13, 1966 Detroit concert.
5'1-1/2", red hair, blue eyes, glasses.
Married with 15 yr. old daughter.


This Live Journal is dedicated to the most devastatingly beautiful man who ever lived:
Mr. Brian Epstein.

Tomorrow would be his 70th birthday. He would've been a very sexy old guy.

If there's an afterlife, I hope you're much happier now, Mr E. -- shalom aleichem!
An eternal hug of gratitude for everything you've done to change the world!
We loved you more than you ever realized ... and you have many admirers born since then.
You were a sensitive genius.

And if there is no afterlife, ahhh ... it's just as well.
Life today is immeasurably better for us because he lived back then.

Please visit my fave website:

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