christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I arsk yer opinion then I show you a Lennon...

Since beginning to call my Saturday blatherings "Shabbat Shmooze" I have found several shtuffs on the 'net that have ALSO been called "Shabbat Shmooze" for some time before mine ~ and I'm starting to feel quite un-original.

Should I change the title "Shabbat Shmooze" to "Shabbos Shiksa"...?
You might well arsk.


Dunno if you've seen this one before, but I kinda liked it kinda quite a bit actually.
Even though that Johnny L person is not always in me good graces, and I feel like smacking him around for some ways he acted... but he was Bri's fave person, so I let that durn Lennon get away with almost anything, I do. Smack him around, I would.

This old UK TV bit chortles me sporkles, and here 'tis:

Dudley Moore being cute in the foreground, John Lennon skulking away in the background. And there you have it.
Especially at the very end where one or two of me fave funnyguys showed themselves briefly.

Tags: beatles, dudley moore, humor, shabbat shmooze

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