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Sunday Sermon ~ How can they call this the "good" book?

As always, if you are highly sensitive to any religion-dissing,
please forego clicking the cut. I appreciate every reader I can get,
and especially love my flisters ♥
~ and I never INTEND to insult, upset or offend ANY of y'all.

However, on Sundays I want ~ NEED ~ to just "let go." Thank you for understanding!

Also alluded to at one point by ladyeffingbroke, who gave us this post with link,

here is what I found to be the best site detailing the ongoing incident:


I have found another yet LJ that comments on the little furor going on in China over trying to reclassify the bible as "indecent."
...and an article here

But here is the main site instigating this upheaval,
which I hope gets translated properly
and seriously spreads everywhere!
SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2007
From Adrian Essington, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Dear Mr. Napier-Bell. I recently came across your website and found myself disappointed to find you expending such energy on something so spiritually bankrupt. As a previously successful songwriter could you not be persuaded to turn your thoughts back to the creation of music? Please check out our website - it is devoted to developing and supporting the Christian songwriting community. You could help greatly by contributing to songwriting forums. Or you could create uplifting new works of your own. This could change your life and bring you inner peace as you approach the more mature period of your life.

Simon says:
Hi there Adrian. It’s good to know you’re devoting yourself to helping people whose lives need changing but right now I’m not in the market. I’ve got a nice house, lots of material possessions, money in the bank, a loving boyfriend, interesting work, an ample collection of fine wine and hordes of atheist friends who come round to drink it with me. Writing about Jesus wouldn’t do much for me. Moreover, if I were to write about him, the things I’d say wouldn’t do much for you either. I wish I was in a foul temper and could throw a profoundly offensive insult at you. But because you’ve caught me in a rather good mood I can think of nothing nastier to say than I hope your bullying malicious tyrannical all-powerful God can find a suitable way of punishing you for interrupting my pleasant Sunday morning.

p.s. On an unrelated tangent, has anyone ever noticed that the sometimes crazy things I enter into my "Location" field always link you to a legitimate area on the Google map? Just wondering. ;)
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