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George Harrison Australian interview Feb 1988 Part 1
February 9, 1988 ~~ In Hollywood, George makes a live satellite link-up with the "Ray Martin Midday Show" in Australia.

This fiendish thingy was brought to my attention by newslinks ~~

Part 1 of
(and I'm quoting directly from Abbey Road News)
an "interview with George Harrison on an Australian TV Show taped in Feb. 1988 just after The Beatles Induction into the R&R Hall of Fame.

George talks about his new album at the time "Cloud 9", and his relationship at the time with Paul & Ringo as well as the Induction ceremony which Paul boycotted.

It is in two parts. Great Interview, George in a talkative mood!!"

Part 2 is at ~~
George Harrison Australian interview Feb 1988 Part 2

BTW, if you want to save any of the YouTube vids you see, there is a utility called you can try.

Tags: beatles, rock and roll hall of fame, youtube

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