christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Ninja Tetris!

"This skit ... was performed at an
Anime convention in Boston, MA
on April 21, 2007.

It was poorly performed because the performers were
partially-rehearsed, broke college students who did it
for no more than the fun of it ... "

The performer may have thought it poorly-
performed, but so many people grooved upon it!

(Click [ HERE ] for another vid of the same show,
          shot from another camera much closer up)

Be sure to read the comments and replies on this "all the comments" page.
In it, at least two of the performers, themselves:
          Noooth ~       "I was the third piece and the last one. :D "
          Zsinjomatic ~ "first piece, top-of-ladder-guy :) "

...are answering comments and providing more insight ~~ as to why they didn't win any awards for it, and why they're performing it sideways (note that they turn the Music Menu sideways to give you the idea), etc.

...and yes, this be another youtube referral from daStephy... ah, howja guess.

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The Simpsons Tetris
Family Guy Tetris

Tags: family guy, nintendo, simpsons, stephy, youtube

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