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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Matisyahu explains himself a little, & the eppylover takes it further

Matisyahu on talk show
Here is the first Matisyahu I ever heard/saw.
Watch the interview after the performance
(he sings my second favorite Matisyahu song
~ my first favorite is "Beat Box").
Song and interview on talk show

I adore the mixture of reggae, rap and Jewishness. Perfect blend.

The man, formerly Matthew Miller of Pennsylvania, is very religious ~ yet he does not preach ~ he does not actually promote Judaism in his music or his life, and he refuses to force it upon others, nor does he believe that others should follow him in his religion ~ UNLESS they feel it within themselves anyway.

Yes, I do realize the above paragraph seems full of redundancies ~ but there are subtle differences in each phrase.

Matisyahu simply sings of what is within himself. When told that there are many fans who don't swallow his message, yet do love his music, he's very happy. That's basically all he wants ~ for people to enjoy the music. And what gives him passion for his own music are his own Hasidic beliefs.

I love his passion, even though I am personally agnostic. I do not think any "scriptures" are legitimate. To me, it seems he is telling me that, if I fully and truly feel compelled or obsessed to follow a particular path in life, and that path gives me inner peace, not to let others pull you away from it. Just tell it like it is for you, yet do not be so presumptuous as to believe that anyone else should believe in what you believe. Believe it?! ani rolleyes smiley laughing smiley

What works for you in the way of religious or non-religious beliefs will not work for everyone else. But that's no reason not to sing or write ~ not preach ~ what you think ~ as long as it does not injure anyone else.

Of course, I've got to play my Matisyahu out of earshot of the Og, who would hear the G-d stuff and start thinking I am listening for the religious impact. And then he'd start preaching at me again.

Nothing is further from the truth.
Thank goodness for Hebrew-language lyrics, hahaa.


The album "Youth" was released on my (and ladyeffingbroke's) birthday last year.
Matisyahu Interview re: Youth album

Earlier interview re: Live At Stubbs album

The Everything About Matisyahu blog

Official Website

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