christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Today in Eppy History ~~ a bull named Brian Epstein

MiguelinSunday May 29, 1966

On this date, in Spain,
Matador Miguel Mateo, 26,
known to aficionados as Miguelin,
named a bull after Brian Epstein.

A Time Magazine article

An auto-translated Spanish webpage on Miguelin
Miguelin at age 15, in 1954
Above: Bullfighter Miguel Mateo Miguelin in 1954 at age 15

(I still maintain that your eppylover would have been able to persuade Brian against this sport barbaric form of animal abuse!)
(...and if you believe THAT one, you're more simpleminded than I am! Hahaa)

(Oh dear! Our Bri was hopeless when it came to those flamboyant macho-men in the suits of lights...
...but... maybe... could I have bribed Lennon to seduce Eppy away from this bull[ring]shit?)

The above was not the same bullfighter that Brian sponsored.
That one was an Englishman named "Henry Higgins."

Tags: brian epstein, bullfighting

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