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Real Estate Ad for "Brian's former home" ? - Click Link for Larger & Interior Picture

2 photos £3,000,000, 4 bedroom terraced house
Charles Street, Mayfair, London W1
A very rare opportunity to purchase the former home of the late Brian Epstein - celebrated as the dicoverer and long time manager and mentor of the Beatles. In the 60s when the boys were sitting at the feet of the Maharashi in Park Lane* they effectively lived with Epstein. (eppylover note: Any real Beatle historian knows that this is not accurate; the Maharishi did not come into the picture until long after Brian had moved to Chapel Street.) During this period it is reported that John Lennon decorated one entire wall of the house - now sadly covered over.

*August 24, 1967 - the Beatles had their first meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the Park Lane Hilton. The bandmates were convinced they should meet the guru by George's wife, Patti. Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull tagged along.


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