christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shabbat Shmooze ~ Thinking of the Future Dwelling Needs

When I begin my new life, there are certain household items I want to surround myself with,
that (for various reasons) are not very good things to flaunt in my present situation.

Of course, many things would be Brian-ish. Framed photos and such.

Some stuff would be blue ~~ hey, I've always loved that color ~~ and some would be skull and skeleton-related (so? I like that stuff, too) ~~ and a touch of the UK here and there would rule.

~~ and some items, of course, would speak to me of things Jewish ~~ like a mezuzah (just the mezuzah case, actually) on the side of every door, such as the Epstein family had affixed to every doorpost in their home when Brian was growing up.

Of course, I don't feel that an agnostic secular humanist (if I MUST label myself) has any business with the actual mezuzah (the holy parchment) that is normally inserted in the case. But seeing the mezuzahs displayed in the house would make me feel nice, I think.

Recently I found a couple of kitschy household items that really shanked my jengaship!
Matzah Oven Mitts ~ Let My People Go Toilet Seat Cover

These are cute, too:

Okay, since this post is only partly Jewish-oriented, I also offer you a partly Jewish-oriented and very humorous (to me and da Stephy) vid that should balance it out.

Being a Ninja is like being a Jew


Tags: jewish, my life, shabbat shmooze

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