christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Just FYI ~ Stern Beatles show

For those of you with access to Sirius Radio ~~

A guy named Andrew Mounter informs News:
"Hey guys, I've been a reader of your website for years now, and is the only Beatle news site I trust.

I wanted to let your readers know that on Monday, May 28th on Sirius Radio, The Howard Stern Channel (Howard 100) will be running all day Howard Meets The Beatles.

This program will feature interviews with Paul and Ringo ~ the special also includes an interview with Sean Lennon, and performances from the Fab Faux."
The only Beatles news site he trusts?
What about the always great, courtesy of Walrus Media?
Speaking of Walrus Media, check out this customizable home page ~~ Fab 411

Tags: beatles, news, radio

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