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Are they hinting that Sir Paulie and Pete Best
may have indeed had a personal tete-a-tete?
I wish they'd let us know fer shure!

See [ HERE ] ~ or~ [ HERE ]

Patti Boyd's autobiography,
Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me...

is available for pre-order.
It is scheduled to be released on August 28, 2007 in the US, and on August 23, 2007 in the UK (under its alternate name).
'Wonderful Tonight' the autobiography of Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton, as released in the US

US Version
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Harmony
(August 28, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0307393844
ISBN-13: 978-0307393845
'Wonderful Today' the autobiography of Pattie Boyd, ex-wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, as released in the UK

UK Version
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Headline Review
(23 Aug 2007)
ISBN-10: 0755316428
ISBN-13: 978-0755316427
It's funny how this same book, in the UK, is entitled Wonderful Today.

The BEST way to search for any book is to always use the ISBN number when available. What is the difference between the ISBN-10 and the ISBN-13 numbers?

Rather than pimp y'all right over to Amazon, the smart eppylover searches for the best deal through the book search engines. One of my favorites is ~ click to see best prices, Amazon included!

Enjoy these
streaming vid clips
of Julian

From the Rhino Records site

This promises to be a goldmine, if it's what I hope it is...

The eppylover says:
The all-powerful almighty seems to have the jump ahead of everybody else on release date and price here.

What I plan to do, however, is... wait until it's on the shelf of our local Barnes & Noble, or even better, request it through the Grandville Library ~ then paw through it to see how much Eppy content is within.

I've got a sneakin' hunch (and I hope they had the decency to put this book together right) that this might be a goldmine of Eppiliciousness, y'know... because, on eBay, I've seen various publications (from which this book is compiled) many, many times, and Brian Epstein was featured VERY heavily in many of these issues ~ including a great deal of trivia and such that non-eppylovers would have no interest in ~ which would be exactly the type of stuff that eppylovers are dying to read!

I certainly hope that these articles are printed in full without editing ~ including all the pics and images appearing in the originals. Well, we shall find out, shan't we?

In any case, I have a sneaky feeling this book will indeed end up on my eppilicious bookshelf when all is said and done!

(If, once again, the copious Brian material is shoved aside in favor of purely Beatles stuff (not an uncommon occurrence, unfortunately), this eppylover will indeed be highly pissed saddened and disappointed. But I've gotten pretty used to it over the past 40 years. *sigh* ~ Gives their pre-order release date as June 1,
at the discount price of $13.57
The Beatles: Press Reports (Paperback)
by W. Fraser Sandercombe (Author)

Barnes & Noble ~ Gives their pre-order release date as June 28,
at the discount member price of $16.15
Beatles: Press Reports
by W. Fraser Sandercombe

Product Details
ISBN: 1894959612
ISBN-13: 9781894959612
Format: Paperback, 360pp
Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing
Sales Rank: 232,225

And here's this book's best prices, from

From the Publisher
This collection of historical media pieces and interviews chronicles the lives and careers of the Beatles as seen through the lens of popular British music publications
— such as Disc and Music Echo, Melody Maker, Mersey Beat, and the Record Mirror -—
from 1961–1970, when they received more media attention than any other rock band in history.

As this era of the Beatles’ past is explored year by year, the importance of the band’s first shows in Liverpool and the subsequent attention it drew to other “Merseyside” bands (those from Mersey County, Northwest England) becomes clear.

Information on the Beatles’ first trip to America and the controversies surrounding their break-up are also included in this nostalgic trip down memory lane to the time when musicians from Liverpool began making music history.

Author Description
W. Fraser Sandercombe is the author of Nothing Gold Can Stay. He is also a musician, an artist and illustrator, and a book dealer specializing in first editions. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

And speaking of those 60's and 70's publications, now, just for a larf ~
I'm very pleased to have found that Peter Noone's website features a very large, very pleasing image collection of magazine covers.

These cover images, of course, appear there because these were issues in which he and the Hermits were featured ~~ however!   Please do have the patience to click all of them, because, when you least expect it, you WILL discover quite a few rare Beatles treasures also! Trust me on this!
Triple score for you if you are also an HH fan!!!

Sample images:

(And these are just from the
Disc and Music Echo)
July 2, 1966
July 16, 1966
August 27, 1966
September 3, 1966
February 11, 1967
and ROFL! January 4, 1969

not the most flattering image of our Richie,
that's fer shure omgwtf!

From the "Foreign Magazines" link
on the site

Ringo and his tongue on cover of July 1965 Muziek Parade magazine (Holland)

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