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Sunday Sermon ~ Simon ~ on Hitchens vs Hannity ~ re Falwell

As always, if you are highly sensitive to any religion-dissing,
please forego clicking the cut. I appreciate every reader I can get,
and especially love my flisters ♥
~ and I never INTEND to insult, upset or offend ANY of y'all.

However, on Sundays I want ~ NEED ~ to just "let go." Thank you for understanding!

~*~*~ From today's Simon Napier-Bell ~*~*~

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2007

From Heather Clark, Washington, DC, USA

Hi Simon, great to see you lambasting the eternally revolting Jerry Falwell.

Later the same day, Christopher Hitchens launched into that facist no-brainer Sean Hannity on Fox TV when Hannity criticized him for speaking badly of Falwell.

When you think back to Bush saying Iraq and North Korea were the axis of evil and then you see how the USA harbours evil anti-humanitarians like Falwell and Hannity, and give them full access to media - that’s where the real axis of evil exists. Over and over again it makes me ashamed to be American.

Hitchens on Fox about Falwell was marvellous - "his death was a deliverance".

Even better was the feedback from the public (scroll down on this link to Hitchen's marvellous interview with CNN and the comments that follow).

One hundred per cent pro Hitchens. It confirms what I’ve always thought – all this ‘Americans are ninety per cent church-goers’ that were always being told, is crap.

With regard to religion the USA is a police state. People are more ready to come out about being gay than about being atheist. They’re afraid of their jobs and their neighbours.

It would take just one eminent respected American to come out and say, ‘I’m atheist and always have been, and I’m ashamed to have concealed it from you’, and the next day America would find no more than fifty per cent of the population claiming to be religious.

One day it will happen. Who will it be? Hillary, after she becomes President? No, I guess not, she's too addicted to lying. Or just someone fun and loved, like Jay Leno.

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